– a website that helps students get into their chosen schools, is now offering a new service that should garner a good deal of attention. In this age of technology, even the personal statement is now more than just a paper outlining the strengths and goals of the prospective student. In fact, the modern personal statement is done via video, in which the prospective student presents him or herself to the admissions committee.

A video is an even riskier endeavor because the words the student chooses reflect on his or her personality as well as educational level. Thus, even in a video, a student needs the assistance of a writer who is skilled in presenting the spoken word. Thus, is now offering an admissions video script writing service to help these prospective students in overcoming this hurdle in the process of getting into the school of their choice. The script helps to organize the student’s thoughts into a coherent order as well as gives the student the right words that still reflect personality but also shows the committee that he or she has the drive and commitment to make a success of their academic years and beyond.

The site’s owner, Donald Matthew, stated, “We know that our writers can make the difference between getting into your number one school and getting into another less-desirable school. We let our clients’ personalities shine, and present a video that is memorable.” In fact, the site’s writers work closely with the clients to help capture what is important for them to say as well as their particular strengths and talents.

One client of the new service said, “It’s amazing. I was very pleased with my personal statement script writer. She was sensitive to my anxiety about using video for this purpose and helped me to focus on what I needed to say.” is on the cutting edge of technology by adding this to its already superb array of services. Script writing services will be the new personal statement writing services of the future, and the site has already undertaken this endeavor. Visit today!

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