Can an Entrance Essay Example Help You?

entrance essay exampleGetting onto a degree program is hard work and your application will need to be able to make you stand out from the other applicants if you are going to be selected. Many places are oversubscribed and competition is going to be tough. Often they will have very similar grades to you so there will be little to choose between you except for your personal statement or entrance essay.

Your application essay really does need to show you off in the best possible light and it will often be the deciding factor when the committee makes their decisions. But writing to the level that is going to impress them is not at all easy and you are going to need to get all of the help that you can in ensuring that you make an impact. Often looking at an entrance essay sample can provide you with a huge amount of help with your own writing.

How Can You Use an Application Essay Sample?

entrance essay sampleLooking at an application essay example is often the best way for you to understand exactly what the committee will want to know about you and how your statement should be written. A good example of personal statement writing will show you just the style of writing that is required, what areas that you need to cover and also just how engaging your writing needs to be to be successful. What you must never do with a sample essay however is to just copy it or any part of it. That is plagiarism and will not help you in any way to get your place. Not only that, no copy will ever reflect who you are as a person nor will it be tailored to fit the place that you are applying to. You must also look at any entrance essay sample very critically, not every sample is as good as it claims to be.

Writing an Effective Entrance Essay

Looking at an application essay sample is not always enough to get your own writing exactly as it needs to be. You still need to understand what you should be writing and how. The following tips will help you with your writing:

  • Start with an effective opening hook; your first line or two should introduce a personal anecdote and must be interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more.
  • Make the statement flow like a story; it should never read like a disjointed list of reasons for them accepting you like your resume. It must keep their attention and draw them to your conclusion.
  • Ensure that you satisfy them by providing the information that they are looking for:
    • Why is it that you are interested in this subject area?
    • What have you already done to pursue your interests?
    • Where do you see your career being in 5 to 10 years?
    • What specific skills do you have that suit you for this area?
    • Why are you applying to this program rather than another?
  • Make your writing easy to understand by anyone; don’t try to be clever with your writing or use unusual words from your thesaurus. Also avoid the use of slang and acronyms.
  • Write about you and only you; do not include quotations and avoid all clichés in your writing.
  • Make everything you write relevant to your application; if it does not help you get a place it should not be there. Also do not write anything that is obvious or included elsewhere in your application.
  • Write in a concise manner; if you can say it in 10 words don’t spin it out to 30 to make it sound more impressive.
  • Always be honest about everything that you include within your essay, do not be tempted to exaggerate or enhance your abilities.
  • Always carefully proofread what you have written, even the slightest of mistakes could see your application being dismissed for another.

We Can Help Write Your Entrance Essay

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