A personal background essay gives you the chance to tell your story; this is considered to be an effective tool for self expression. In order for you to attract the attention of your readers, you should avoid common pitfalls that may sacrifice the quality of your essay.

The following are helpful tips for writing a winning personal essay:

  1. You should evaluate a significant experience, event or achievement that made an impact on you. Do not limit only on stating your story but on the depth on its influence on you as to showcase your analysis skills.
  2. In any personal history essay, self awareness and analysis is very important.
  3. One of the best ways for you to ensure that your personal opinion essay is effective by writing something that you are passionate about from personal issues to local concerns.
  4. Your personal life essay will be used as a great tool in order to assess you to it is vital that the content of your essay is relevant and can highlight your critical analysis and writing skills among others.
  5. In writing your personal background essay, avoid ranting and lecturing your readers. You should focus on important details and eliminate unnecessary facts that may only lengthen your paper.
  6. A good personal history essay is more than description and restatement of events but you should be able to analyze and critique.
  7. Select carefully the details that you will include in your personal background essay; you can choose from interests, personal insights, life experiences, etc.
  8. Make the most out of your personal background essay as an opportunity in order to differentiate yourself among other applicants. Write something significant and unique.
  9. If you want to impress your readers, stop complying with common approach. Your personal background essay should be innovative, interesting and unique.
  10. At all times, avoid any form of errors in your personal essay prompts as this may easily throw off your readers.
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