It’s all about timing

The simple answer to the question ‘is there any place for humor in admissions essay’ is ‘yes, there is.’ But you can rest assured that it is a lot more complicated than that. Writing an admissions essay is very difficult, and this is one of the most difficult aspects. Selecting the tone for your easy is very important, and when thinking about tone, many people wish to utilize humor. As we all know, humor is good, but the key to humor is timing. Universities are not looking for prospective comedians, so filling your paper with funny stories and jokes will certainly not get you in.

Not too serious

The reason to consider using humor in your essay is that the university officials reading these papers are real people. They must read thousands of these essays, and they certainly get bored of papers filled with bland personal facts and information. By adding humor, you are giving these readers a must-needed chuckle, while simultaneously showing them your colorful personality. You do not want your paper to be too serious, and the best way to do that is by showing a touch of humor! It is very important to consider the first section, though, in that too much humor is not a good thing. Your admissions essay should make them smile, but don’t force anything.

Your admissions essay represents you

The biggest thing to remember about admissions essays is that this is the paper that is meant to represent you. Yes, you want to make sure you let the reader know how accomplished you are, but it is much more than that. This essay will decide where you go for your graduate education, and you want it to show the reader that you are an interesting person who deserves to be at that institution. By using humor, you are showing the prospective university that you are more than your GPA or your extracurricular activities can tell about you. Our professional admissions essay writers will talk with you to determine the perfect balance of seriousness and humor that will make your essay a great one.

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