Our counseling services are available 24/7. There are various ways of accessing to us that is you can contact us through phone, email, chat, Facebook and twitter. We have opened up all these in order to help a large mass of people.

When it comes to admission service, there are three types of admissions; the local admission, transfer admission and the international admission. These are all very important and we do provide counseling for each one of them. We do have various counseling consultants who are specialized in all the admissions but each of them is perfectly doing one consultation type. During applying for our services we would require you to tell us what your type of application is.

Counseling services – we give good guidance

The consultants that we have do give good guidance to all our clients. They make sure to answer any questions of the client and they are also required to help the client in choosing the best school and career of their choice. Some of our consultants have been employed by various high schools for guiding their children to making the right decisions in life when choosing their careers.

Admission services from our professionals is a good idea

admission-counseling-servicesEvery process in the admissions requires assistance from somebody and consulting the counseling group will be a great idea. They are available through cell phones and emails whereby they are required to answer any questions that you may be having. They will help you with the admissions process and you will be having nothing to regret for making that call or even for sending that email.

How do we provide counselors?

We provide an admissions consultant with admission service based on the high school that you attended. You are required to indicate if you are a transfer, international or a local admission student. If you are a local you should give the state of the school that you attended and whether it was a boarding or a day school. For the international admissions you will only be required to state the country that you attended secondary education in and then we will direct you to your various counselors.

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