Applying to college is a detailed process; however, many college applications do not have the space for you to highlight your strong points. A college admissions resume is an additional opportunity for you to submit detailed information about yourself to the college. Most resumes are intended to provide detailed work experience for a potential employer, but an admissions resume includes important information about you as a student. Our college admissions resume writing service can help you create the perfect college admissions resume.

Admissions Resumes Are Your Academic Successes

The college you are applying to will be interested in you as a student, they want to know what you will bring to the university and how you will represent them as a student. A high school resume for college admissions allows you to give the college detailed information about your academic successes. Our college admissions resume writing service will gather and use your pertinent information to improve your college application package.

Highlight Your Strengths

Your college admissions resume will include your strengths, volunteer work you completed during high school, your skills will be emphasized and much more. Our professional college admissions resume writing service knows what the admissions committees and looking for as well as what they expect a potential to provide.

Detailed College Admission Resumes

Our professional college admissions resume writers will turn a standard admissions resume into a custom, written from scratch admission resume created for you personally. There are basically five sections of a resume as well as the heading. In these five sections it is vital that your achievements are highlighted in the exact wording, which is where our experts come in. In your college admissions resume we will include:

• A heading: this is where your personal information such as name, address and email will be.
• Overview section-the overview is a brief 3-4 sentence that includes your strongest attributes, such as foreign languages or specific achievements/awards you have earned.
• Education section-this area will include the name and address of your high school as well as your GPA and class rank. Any additional academic distinctions will also be included in this section.
• Activities-this section is for any programs, sports, activities, clubs and/or community service you have participated in during high school. This section can also include act ivies outside of school such as community services you are involved with and/or church activities.
• Projects-this area is for science fairs, volunteering and etc.
• Awards-this area can be as in-depth as you like. You can include any awards you have received whether it is from the boy scouts or honor student.

Our college admissions resume writing service will take all of this information, regardless of how limited it is and creates a quality, custom and well-received admissions resume.

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