Admissions Essay’s expert writers can write any letter, personal or professional! The application process for college, graduate school and professional schools doesn’t end at the application and Admission Essay, oft times you must include Letters of Recommendation, Cover Letters or Letter of Intent.

Our team of professional writers are well versed in the craft of creating the perfect letter to meet you needs and expectations.

Letter of Recommendation Writing

A Letter of Recommendation is written to convey information about your character and work ethic. Some colleges and most graduate and professional schools require at least one Letter of Recommendation. Often, professional societies or certification boards require at least one Letter of Recommendation as well. Many potential employers ask for the reference letter as well.

Once you have determined the individuals that will be supplying your letter(s) of recommendation, it is not unusual to present them with a pre-written letter that they only need sign. Admissions Essay provides a team of expert Letter of Recommendation Writers to ease the stress of this critically important and stressful step in your journey. We can craft letters for college, graduate or professional applications, job applications, professional society applications and certification boards.

Cover Letter Writing

Most often seen in the job market, a Cover Letter introduces you to a prospective employer. Although, Cover Letters are often used with graduate school and professional school applications to introduce your Personal Statement. Additionally, you would likely use a Cover Letter when applying for admittance to a professional organization or for board certification.

Admissions Essay has a team of professional Cover Letter writers that can take your introduction to the next level. Remember that often the Cover Letter is the first impression a prospective employer/college/organization will have of you — make the best of this opportunity by hiring Admissions Essay to write your Cover Letter!

Letter of Intent (LOI) Writing

A document that outlines an agreement between two or more parties, the Letter of Intent serves the following purposes:

  • To clarify key points
  • To declare a negotiation is in progress
  • To provide safeguards in the event negotiations collapse

Most often seen when applying for a job, this most important of letters should be crafted by professionals, like our expert writers at Admissions Essay.

Other Professional and Personal Letters

If you have the need for a dynamic, clearly stated letter, be it personal or professional, the professional writers at Admissions Essay can craft the perfect document for every need. At a loss for words? Let us know exactly what needs to be conveyed, and we will get the job done!

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