You have crossed every “T” and dotted “I”.  You took on challenges by taking the road less traveled.  You pulled all-nighters and worked hard studying instead of partying.  You are at your final step in completing the University of California application when you notice that you must write a personal statement.  SHRIEK!!!

Reports have shown that getting into UC is becoming harder and harder.  Since 2009, there has been a 3 percent decline in admitting freshman and with those figures, that trend may be the norm for the future.   Factor in budget cuts and over enrollment, this trend could be here to stay (taken from

Where do you begin your UC application essay?

You are burned out but you must complete this step to enhance your first victory in success.  This is where we come in!  We are here to help you achieve that level by providing the expertise that will shoot you straight to the top.  Are we going to write your personal statement?  Of course not!  It would not be personal if we did that.  But what we can do is give you the guidance, feedback, and helpful suggestions that will make your personal statement stand out from the pack.

A personal statement could be a challenging writing task.  You have to write about your life, education, goals, inspirations and aspirations.  For some the challenge is easy and for others you have no idea where to begin.  We can help with both!

For those that find this an easy challenge, we can help you stay within the word count that is required without making it sound as if you are vain by showcasing your intellect and sharpening up your skills.  For those that believe this is one of colleges ultimate challenges, we can help you broaden your proficiency by revealing that you are brilliant and this is why you are applying to this university.

How Admissions Essay Writing Service Can Help?

Think of us as a group of tutors that are going to help you achieve your best work. Tutors cannot do the work for you but the guide you in the right direction and help you when you make mistakes.  They can help you perfect your assignment before you turn them in and guarantee you success in your courses.  When it comes to your personal statement, we can provide the same and the best services in perfecting your writing skills to make your personal statement jump leaps and bounds above the best crowd.

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