No matter what field of study or line of work you are involved in, a good admissions essay can be a great asset that will get you to where to want to be. It is vital to have an outstanding admissions essay if you want to be set apart by your potential college, graduate program or other specialized academic entity.

What Exactly is an Admissions Essay?

An admissions essay is a personal account of events in your life that lead you to where you are today. Careful not to give too much information about yourself, this is not a chronological account of you entire life. Stick to events that molded and shaped you into who you are today. Tell them why you are capable of filling the role you wish to fill, and tell them where your motivation comes from. The more personal, the better.

Why Is an Admissions Essay Important For YOU?

An admissions essay is the first, and quite possibly the only, impression of yourself that you will leave on a reader. Applications give concrete facts about you as a academic, but an admissions essay is the only personal statement that you can give in order to convince someone that you should be admitted over the next person. It is vital that you have the tools you need to write an effective admissions essay. Your future depends on it!

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