Before you can understand the importance of an admissions essay to your college application, you must first understand exactly what an admissions essay can do for you. A personal statement gives information on events in your life that lead you to your career choice. On the other hand, an admissions essay tells the reader why you interested in the particular school that you are applying to. If you choose to write both of these essays, it is imperative that the two work together to represent you in the best way possible. Essentially, a personal statement is your motive, your personal investment in your field of choice. An admissions essay is more practical. You must have both sides of the application working in harmony with one another in order to succeed.

What Sets You Apart?

An admissions essay not only informs the college of your choice why you are interested in them, but it lets them know what qualities you possess that set you apart from other applicants. An application reviewer reads admissions essay after admissions essay; one after another, end to end. If they get to yours and do not read anything that stands out, they are likely to put your essay into the large stack of rejects. Whatever it is that sets you apart from other candidates can only be discovered by you. Think of yourself as an essay reviewer for your particular school or field. What do they want to know about you? What is important to them? Never exaggerate or lie in order to tell them what you think they want to hear; always be honest. But a little insight into the other side never hurt.

Show A Bit Of Personality

While a personal statement is surely a much more effective place to express your personality, just a bit of personality in every pieces of writing that you do is always a positive. It gives the reader something to identify with. They will be much more likely to remember you by a unique personality trait than by a specific accomplishment or award that you have received. While these accomplishments are great to notify a reviewer board of, they should mainly be reserved for your actual application.

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