Now it is time to take Steps 1 and 2 and give them form and focus with your writing style!

  • Act Natural

The easiest and most fluid way to write is just as you speak. You are much more likely this way to convey your ideas in a clear manor that the reader will understand. If you try to write in a different voice than you speak, you are likely to confuse yourself and your reader to the point where the message of your admissions essay is lost. It’s okay to be yourself. After all, you are the one they are admitting.

  • Focus

If you focus on your objective while you write, it will come through to your reader. The more focus you show in your essay, the more memorable it will be. Rather than giving explanations for many different events, accomplishments or qualifications, detail one or two that are important to you. Your reader will begin to associate these details with you as a person. Not only will the remember your essay, but they will remember you.

  • Use Active Voice

Active verbs make an essay come to life. The passive voice tends to sound cold and detached in some instances. Better if you just avoid it all together. The active voice interjects you into the essay, and the reader can imagine you doing all of the things you are describing. The passive voice can almost take you out of the essay completely, boring the reader and causing them to become disinterested.

  • Be Original

This may not seem like the time to be a ground breaker, but believe me, it is one of the best times. Imagine reading admissions essay after admissions essay, and then finally coming to one that stands out. You want to make sure that you are that admissions essay. Try an interesting introduction, such as a question that is not answered until the end, or an outlandish statement about yourself or something close to your heart that seems almost a joke but proves to be the point of our essay. You can do many interesting things with conclusions as well. Try leaving it open-ended with an unanswered question, or putting a spin on something you detailed earlier in the essay. Leave them with a bit of mystery; they will want you back for sure!

  • Be passionate

Most importantly, be passionate about your writing. This will not only make for a better, more convincing essay for the reader, but an easier write for you. If you are struggling to get through your initial outline because of your topic, change it! Loving what you are writing will speed up the process tremendously, and you will have a much better outcome in the end.

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