It is perfectly understandable if you are stuck frozen and staring in a blank piece of paper every time you try to write a college admission essay. The hardest part of writing is always the beginning. It is sometimes hard to come up with topics that will be just perfect for an essay. What you need is to know some common but effective admission essay topics. This guide will discuss about the common topics to write about in the admission essay for college that are generally effective.

Before we start discussing the topics for your essay, ask yourself these admission essay questions:

  • Why have I chosen to attend graduate school this specific field, and why did I choose to apply to this particular school’s program?
  • What are my qualifications for admission?

Common admission/application essay topics:

Topic No. 1: People who inspired you.

  • This is a great choice when you are looking for admission essay topics.
  • Write about people who were influential to your personal growth. For example, you can write about the time you hurt yourself while playing in your school’s grounds and a nurse dressed your wounds and from that they, you wanted to become a nurse too.
  • You can write about any person you want to as long as they were relevant to your development as a person.

Topic No. 2: Write about a milestone in your life.

  • You might want to reflect first on what event in your life that left a mark on you and directed your destination in life.
  • For example, write about a fire that consumed almost half of your neighborhood and how it made you decide to become a firefighter when you get older.
  • Maybe you can write about a book that made you make up your mind and pursuit a degree in literature. Surely, this one of the most common admission essay topics.

Topic No 3: Write about the current issues that the country faces and how does it affect you.

When writing about this topic, make sure that you clearly state how current events  affect you personally. If there are challenges, write about how you have overcome them .By doing so, you can present yourself as a person who is aware of his environment and at, the same time, have the quality to adapt to any situation.

Topic No. 4: Write about your passion.

  • Write about something you love.
  • Your activities can tell a lot about your personality.
  • Try to highlight the qualities that you portray while working or during your free time.
  • If you love building miniature models, you can write about how you value accuracy and precision not only in your hobby but also in studying and working.

Topic No. 5: Challenge a bilief or an idea.

It does not mean that you only challenge other people’s idea. You can also check your own ideas too. Remember the main goal of this topic is to reveal some of your qualities and not to ultimatley disprove an idea or belief.

If you still want more topics to choose from, here are sample admission essay prompts for you:

  • Evaluate significant experiences, accomplishments and risks that you have taken.
  • Discuss issues that are global in scale and how it affects you as an individual.
  • Describe  a creative work (art, music, science) and how it influenced you.
  • Give your personal background and how do you think it will affect the diversity of the institution that you want to get into.

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