So you finally reached a decision to go ahead with a University of Georgia application. You were preparing all the documents that you will need for this endeavor and you realized that writing an admission essay is tougher than you think. Do not panic! This guide will help you by giving you the five tricks that you will need to compose great essays for UGA admissions. These following tips can show you how to properly compose an essay that will be memorable and help you distinguish yourself from the other applicants.

Tip No. 1: Do not just tell them! Take it it to the next level and show them!

For example, do not just say “I am very confident that I have superb leadership skill.” You need to support that claim. Elaborate on the activities that you have exhibited your leadership skills.

writing an admission essayInstead of just stating that you are an advocate of helping others, write about your volunteer experiences and the qualities that you have gained by undertaking those endeavors.

writing an admission essayYour UGA application essay should always be written in proper language and should not make you look arrogant.

writing an admission essayIndicate your qualities without being boastful.

Tip No. 2: Stay in Focus.

The point of writing an essay for a university application is to describe your perception of education life in relation to your personality, traits and abilities.

UGA application essay It is not a medium to share your life story. The trick to properly write an essay with a theme and relevance is to stay i focus.

UGA application essay You need to show the aspects of your life within a few hundred of words when writing an UGA admissions essay therefore, you need to make every word relevant.

UGA application essay Focus on the experiences and qualities that is relevant to the course that you are aiming for so that your essay has a solid direction.

Tip No. 3: An application essay is not all about you.

In writing an admission essay, you can also add a story or two that is related to the degree or course that you want to take in UGA. Writing about your opinion about the current issues that may affect the education system as a whole. Describing a character in fiction, a historical figure, works of art that were influential to your personality can also be a great addition to your UGA admission essay.

Tip No. 4: Do not rely your topics on prompts.

UGA, like most of universities, provides prompts or topic suggestions for applicants to base their essays on.

writing an essay for a university applicationThese prompts can definitely help you in selecting great topics for your essay but keep in mind that you are not restricted within these topics only.

writing an essay for a university applicationUniversities are also looking for applicants that are creative and can speak their own mind. Showing that you are an individual is something you should show in your UGA admissions essay.

writing an essay for a university applicationFollow the general guidelines but make sure to personalize your essay so that you can stand out from the rest of your applicants.

Tip No. 5: Be yourself.

Do not attempt to include words and ideas that you do not really know. Do not pretend to be something that you are not when writing your Univesity Chicago admissions essay. These ideas and words may come up in interviews and you will look really bad if you cannot say something about them.

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