Admission Essay ExampleIt’s not surprising that there are some students who are not familiar with writing an admission essay. This type of paper is usually required by schools not only to know more about the applicant’s background but also to gauge whether they have the skills as well as personality to suit their program. Fortunately for those who are planning on enrolling in a particular school or program, it is easier to find an admission essay sample today through the Internet.

Tips on How to Write Your Admission Essay

  • Don’t use a list. When you look at admissions essay sample, you’ll find that lists are not used when writing down about your accomplishments. Lists are boring and can be tedious to read.
  • Be humorous. Make your admission paper enjoyable to read by adding some humor.
  • Watch out for the tone. Since an admission essay is short, you need to pack it with information but be careful with the tone of your paper to make sure that you don’t sound like a braggart just to impress your readers.
  • Show your character. Keep in mind that an admission essay is about you so show a little personality to it.
  • Follow format and grammar. Don’t forget the technical aspect of your paper.


Admissions Essay Example

Shifting Gears

 Getting rejected is one of the major issues in my whole life. Not that I’m an “easy go lucky person” or an “anti-social.” Perhaps it is by family background why I’m often shoved off.

My father, they say he’s an Ex-Con – I didn’t care much of what they say. My mom used to work in a pub. I was raised in slum area. I don’t even know who am I related with – no one introduced to me my roots. I have never been to family gatherings, never attended church with my so-called “family” and neither did mom and dad attended any school activities when they’re supposed to.

I am always alone at home – don’t even know if I can call it a home for mom is always busy betting on the streets while dad doing his own stuff. I know that they talk but most of the time they yell at each other when they do. I don’t remember us watching TV together.

Before maturity was hatched, I used to hate such life. But when I met a friend in High School, let me tell you that he’s real but would rather leave him anonymously, I started to tell him all that I hated in my life. For the first time I’ve never felt any comfort. It’s like finding a home outside that room where I have lived for nineteen long years. I told him everything including the deepest agony I’ve had for being reared the way my parents did. He positively motivated me to speak my heart and despite all the sadness, be still and positive. He counseled me and I am a changed man.

This is the reason why I’d like to become a full-pledged Counselor. I know that an institution such as yours can help me find teens that’ve gone astray to help them be mended like what occurred to me.

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