An admission essay should always be included if you are planning on enrolling in a particular school or program. This essay can help back your resume up and at the same time, provide the admissions officer an idea about your personality as well as achievements that are not found on your resume. If you want your admission paper to really stand out, you need to make sure that you follow an admission essay format. You can check out admissions essay examples online to see what format they are following.
admission essay format


How to Write the Best Admission Essay

  • admission essay formatFollow admission essay format. It is important that you stick with a format when writing your paper to ensure that the information you have is read properly.
  • Be you. An admission essay is all about you which means you should inject more personality into your paper.
  • Share new information. Don’t repeat what you’ve written in your resume. Add something new to your paper.
  • Be thoughtful. Your paper should reflect mostly on who you are as well as your achievements. Don’t include sentences that are not relevant.
  • Proofread. Always double check your work before sending it.

General Admission Essay Format

I loved Stephen. But rather have another one again, I’d rather be with somebody else and take care of them. I would love a hundred more at a time – because it’s hard to lose one. This is what I have become because of losing him.Don’t judge me. This is not unfaithfulness. I am referring to my own dog way back in 2002. I lost him because of an unknown sickness. They called it Canine Parvovirus, strange term for us in our family but well-known by the vets in a local pet shop in our town. That’s what claimed Stephen from us. They told us that we could have prevented this from happening if we brought him earlier when symptoms surfaced. But I was ravaged by the fact that we did not even notice it coming. No one knew that – not even me.With such hurt and longing, I read about cases pertaining to it. I wanted to know more and that sparked my interest with dogs, then to cats and even with birds. Whenever I see one like him, I can remember him sniffing at my feet when I come home, as if wanting me to hug him. I did. For 5 years, he was the best pet I ever had.This is the very reason why I wanted so badly to take care of other animals, regardless if I don’t own them. This was a promise on my own dog’s grave. With the technologically advanced facilities, skilled instructors and defined Veterinary programs, I’d like to achieve this degree from highly regarded institution such as the Univ*.

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