We want you to feel confident in your decision to hire our professional writing service, and one of the ways we do that is by providing you with a good number of admission essay samples.

How We Use the Admission Essay Template

Our service does have and use an admission essay template, but only in the very basic sense to ensure all areas required are addressed. You can rest assured that the admission essay is personalized, and hand-written from scratch. The template is an important tool, but only in the sense of being a guideline. Our writing service values original and genuine work.

We can also provide a template for you to use alongside an admission sample essay to see for yourself how it might be effectively used.

Admission Essay Sample

What sparked your interest in higher education, and led you to apply for admission to this institution?

Attending college after high school was never a consideration for me, not even when I was awarded a scholarship that would pay for four years in full. Oh how I wanted to accept that scholarship, but none of my family members had ever attended an institution of higher learning,  so the ‘hurrahs’ were passed around at the offer and then the thought of it was instantly dismissed. Though a college education was certainly was not frowned upon in my family, it was just something they had no experience with whatsoever, and something we knew we could not afford.

Flash forward a few years and the longing to enter college would not leave me. Having intermittently passed in and out of my thoughts for years, the desire to attend grew stronger until I could no longer deny it. I started small, applying at the local community college. I still remember that first day, walking into the admissions office to request my application information. I was nervous, but it felt like the most natural thing in the world for me to be doing.

I was accepted into that two-year program and excelled in every way possible, including earning Honors and a distinguished Phi Theta Kappa scholarship opportunity. The desire for higher learning, however, was not quenched but rather it became a permanent part of my being. I cannot imagine life without higher education in it, and in addition to now working full-time for a university, I also find myself seeking to earn my four-year degree. It is that inherent desire to progress forward in my education that has led me here today.

Types of Admission Essay Examples Provided

Our service offers general or specialized admission essay examples, depending upon your need. With a wide variety of types at our disposal, we can offer admission essay sample work for most any kind of educational pursuit.  We realize the essay admission example can be beneficial to you in a great number of ways.

The admission essay sample will show how language should be used. With descriptive language that is still pragmatic and sincere, readers will be drawn in and left wanting to know more about you. Engaging the reader with a personal story, and tying it into how your passion for learning fits into the overall goals and objectives of the program for which you are applying is essential.

The admission essay sample will also address obvious gaps in academic history if any are prevalent, and succinctly explain them in a manner that allows for a clear understanding of how the experiences that led to that time have made you a stronger student (if applicable).

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