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Graduate Admissions Essay Sample

One year ago today, walking to the Metro to catch my ride to school, it occurred to me that my passion for chemistry had become paramount in my life.  As a child, my siblings and I watched my father, who was a pharmacist, as he worked through various chemistry challenges and philosophies, subscribed to related publications, and focused a good portion of his conversation with family and friends around the topic. It has been second nature to all of us in the house to have a love for all things Science, particularly as related to the field of chemistry.

It seemed natural then that each of us would pursue our own routes in a chemistry-related field, and we did. On that fateful day, however, I realized that it had become more than a ‘norm’ for me, it had become a passion. More specifically it had become something I wanted to learn to teach. Having recently worked as an undergraduate Chemistry tutor, teaching fulfilled me in ways I had never known before, though I did not realize it until the tutoring time was over. Once the tutoring sessions were complete, I was left with a longing I quickly came to realize was there because I missed having the opportunity to teach it in my daily schedule.

My desire to teach chemistry to college students has propelled me to apply for graduate school admission.   It is my most profound hope and desire to become a tenured full-time professor of chemistry in a reputable institution of higher education. It is with your program I would like to pursue this goal and have the opportunity to make it my reality.

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