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MBA admission essay samples work in your favor by allowing you to gain insight and knowledge into the do’s and don’ts of essay writing. MBA admission essay samples show you how things are working, and/or how they are not working, as per the particular example shown. They allow you to keep fresh samples in mind of what you should or should not be looking for when you are creating an essay of your own.

We have many essay for MBA admission examples on file for you to see. The one below is a sample answer to a sample question. Remember the MBA admission essay samples we provide are not limited to any one area or type, and the example below is meant to show you a mere sampling of the many we have on file.

Excerpt from One of Many MBA Essay Examples on File:

Q. Name a time where you were disappointed in life and describe what you learned from it.

A. Enlisting in the military at an early age, I learned discipline and the importance of due diligence very early in life. What I had not yet learned, however, was how to behave in the face of disappointment. Receiving much praise and many accolades during my first year enlisted, I fully expected to earn the position of Sargent when faced with the opportunity. When that did not happen, disappointment was swift and fierce.

Turning my disappointment into a positive, I was determined to understand what measures I could have taken in a business sense that would have possibly helped me to have earned the position. Self-evaluation and monitoring quickly proved what I already knew to be true, but had not identified as being associated with my own actions: Networking and promotion pays. Though I knew my hard work was recognized, in reality, it was also expected. I was not doing anything above and beyond to show my leadership abilities or even to voice my desire to lead.

Stepping up to task I began to actively show and voice my interest in learning about leadership, allowing my mentors to view me in a different light, and share information with me in a different way than ever they had before. The lesson learned for me through that initial disappointment is that not everyone sees you the way you appear in your own mind. You have to voice your goals and desires and let people know you are serious about them, when you do, channels begin to move and doors begin to open.

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