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Nursing school admission essay exampleOne of the biggest benefits to seeing nursing school admission essay samples is that it takes the ‘unknown’ out of the equation. When you have a good number of nursing admission essay samples in front of you, it can help alleviate apprehension and writing jitters. Ideas begin to flow and you can start mentally formulating how you would like your writing to proceed.

nursing school admission essayNursing school admission essay examples also serve the purpose of providing an overall feel for how a finished product should look. Though no two essays are going to be the same, the examples will still serve as good indicators and guidelines for what you need to create.

Nursing Admission Essay Sample

Understanding how nursing admission essay examples can have a positive impact, we have provided the following excerpt from one, so you can get on overview or general idea of how an essay might turn out.

There are many things you learn in life, but few have as much of a positive impact as finding the right career. Job security and good pay can be found by anyone willing to work hard enough, but actually finding a career that also holds your passion can prove to be more challenging. Once you do find that passion, it should be nurtured, cherished, and pursued. I have found it with nursing.

Volunteering for two years at ABC medical facility as a desk clerk, I have found myself helping in many situations, visiting many patients, and seeing a good deal of all that nursing entails. A firm understanding of all that goes into the profession, professionally (and heart and soul) has been gained through my volunteer work. It has left me with profound insight that the field of Nursing is where I belong.

Nursing is a lifelong learning process, and one that secures your privileged obligation to serve humanity.  It would be an honor to hold a permanent position in the field.

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