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Entrepreneurship is no stranger in my home. My father has run a successful business for years, my mother makes a profit on her personal blog, and I started a lawn mowing service at a very early age. Starting with a push mower and a handwritten advertisement that was copied and distributed freely, the business blossomed into a small success story and now has three full-time employees besides myself.  Learning the ins and outs of running a successful business, regardless of the size, has been fun rather than challenging.

Coming to me as second nature, growing a business from the ground up has been as natural as breathing. I enjoy bringing a smile to others and take pride in the work I, and my employees do in the yards at our client’s homes.  Participating in such endeavors has incited my passion for business, and brought me here, applying for admission into your undergraduate business program. With so many things yet to learn about creating and running a successful business, applying for undergraduate admission seemed the best direction to move in for enhancing what I already know, and for learning so much more.

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