Admission Essay SampleWriting an admission essay isn’t exactly easy especially when you need to make it informative yet interesting enough to grab the attention of your reader. If you are thinking of applying to a particular school or program, you need to keep in mind that you won’t be the only party who is interested in the said position. This means that there will be competition out and about whom you need to beat by writing an exemplary admission essay. Fortunately, it’s easy to get an admissions essay sample today.

Tips on Where to Find an Admission Essay Sample

  • Reference materials. Check out your current school’s library and see whether they have books pertaining to admissions essay.
  • Professor. You can ask for a personal essay sample from your mentor to help you with your application.
  • Internet. The Web is home to information where you are sure to find an admissions essay sample.
  • Writing companies. You can get samples from online writing services for your admissions essay.

Admissions Essay Sample

When I was 8, a young man, about 15 years of age, bullied me. He was living with his stepfather two blocks away from our house. I don’t know why among many people in our community, I would be chosen to become his victim. Maybe that time I didn’t yet understand what bullying is but the effects of such experience changed me.I remember mom calling her friend. While on the phone, I heard her say, “She is always on the look-out; as if she’s afraid that somebody will see her. She doesn’t go out with us to play in the front yard anymore.” I know what she’d referred to. I was the one who, since the time I started being bullied, always on the look-out because I don’t want “him” see me. I would rather stay at home and watch TV for me to avoid such distress. I lost confidence that even my appetite diminished. I lost weight during that time and mom, including dad and my siblings were so worried about me. I felt loved despite the turmoil I was suffering.With determination, I confessed the source of my disturbance. They then did all the necessary steps in ensuring it will stop. To make the long story short, it ended. But the trauma remained. That’s when I was assisted by a Psychologist. She was gentle and nice. She talked to me as if there were only the two of us in the room. It was no easy task to win my trust but she did. I don’t know but I was like hypnotized. Nevertheless, she helped me overcome my distress.

This is the very reason why I want to take up Psychology. But rather the victim, I am determined to help bullies. I can see that more to the effects in the victim, there is a deep-rooted reason why they became the very person they are. I would like to help them. I know it’s possible!

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