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My name is Jonathan, and I am eager to get my education so that I can begin my career an engineer. My father was an engineer, and I have always been fascinated by this line of work. Finding ways to make the world a better place is the reason I am aspiring to become a civil engineer, and I am excited to show that I have what it takes to succeed.
I believe in working hard, and I have adopted the philosophy that anything can be accomplished when you try hard enough. Since I began high school, I decided that I could do whatever I wanted to if strove for excellence, and I have proceeded to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout high school. I am ready to take my work ethic to the next level, and am prepared to take on any challenges that await me. To be completely forthcoming, I have not always been a natural when it comes to science subjects. I had to work hard to get a firm grasp of the basic concepts, and forwent many of possible social activities to make sure I had a strong understanding. I also believe in excelling in other areas, and that is why I took part in many clubs throughout high school. I want to be part of a community, and your institution is the perfect place for me to learn from the very best. I can’t wait to reach the next level so that I can accomplish my dreams, and I am convinced that your engineering program will take me to the top! I appreciate the opportunity, and look forward to demonstrating that I will be a great fit.

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