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grad school application essayWhen yo0ua re trying to get into grad school, you need to demonstrate that you can succeed through the rigorous workload. Universities only accept students who they deem worthy of the challenge, and if you are vying for a spot in a great program, you need to show what you are about. That is where the grad school application essay comes in, because this is how you show a program that you are the type of person who will thrive at their school!

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My name is Dalton and I am eager to begin my career as a lawyer, and I am seeking entrance into your law program so that I can make my dreams come true. I have seen many injustices done to people in our court system, and I am entering law school because I want to represent people who need help. My uncle is a lawyer, and I have always been fascinated by his ability to get up in a courtroom and speak on someone else’s behalf. After hearing about various cases where defendants did not receive adequate lawyers, I want to take it upon myself to help people in this position.

I know that being a lawyer will help me make the contributions to the world that I have always envisioned to myself, but it is more than that. I have a passion for writing, research, public speaking, and hard work that make me cut out for the law profession. I know that being a lawyer is not an easy road, and I am ready to work hard to prove that I have what it takes to survive in this profession. Great lawyers are not born; they are made and my uncle has always told me that law school is a defining moment for any future lawyer. I know that my education will help form who I will be as a lawyer, and from talking with former students, I know that your program is exactly what I need. I have the work ethic to succeed with your esteemed faculty, and I appreciate being considered for a spot at your school.

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