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The university application essay is one of the most crucial parts of applying to a university program, because this is where you have a chance to speak directly to the college of your choice. This is your opportunity to persuade them that you are the type of person for their school, and if you don’t know how to do this yourself, our experts are here to help. We know what a great essay looks like, so check out our sample university application essays today!

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Dear University,

My name is Adam and I am very interested in your English program. I decided that becoming a high school teacher is the right path for me, and your esteemed English program is the perfect place for me to study. I am very interested in being a teacher because of a life-changing experience I had during high school. My 11th grade English professor changed my life, and I realized that I wanted to affect students in a positive manner much like my own experience. She taught me how to appreciate the way that literature can represent humanity as a whole, and it also showed me that the right approach can change the way you view something.
Since that experience, I have been eager to give students an educational platform to expand on their existing views, and your program is well known for providing one of the best English educations in the country. I am ready to work hard every day so that I will be ready to make my dreams come true, and I am the type of person who doesn’t quit until I have accomplished my goals. I worked hard through high school because I knew I wanted to excel at something, and now that I have decided what it is I want to do, I badly want to convey just how much I desire to attend your program. I know that the right English education will help me to prepare high school students for generations, and I hope you will be my partner in this endeavor. I am grateful for the opportunity, and thank you so much for giving me a chance to achieve with you.



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