Our consulting service is not so complicated and therefore works in few steps. Some of the business schools do not want to associate with the consulting teams for they are trying to believe that we do write the essays for the applicants but this isn’t true. We guide the applicants where they need our application help. Just because our consultants have worked as admission help committee in various schools does not mean that they are ready to spill their secrets of the criteria that they used to accept applications.

Steps of our common help with application

  • The first step is usapplication-helpually from the clients where they identify the best consulting team and send in their applications.
  • After we receive your request, we reply to your request and ask you to visit our offices and in case you’re far we recommend you to use the online consultation. This service is a dual way.
  • We ask for your grades reports and your dream college plus the profession that you want to engage in.
  • We then analyze everything and then provide ideas on the profession that you would do best in. If you agree with us about the courses we then find the college that offers the best course in that field.
  • When we find the right college, we will apply for you but there are some things that you will be required to do also.

We will help with application but the essays you will be required to write yourself. We will provide you with ideas and guidance on how to write them at your best level. With admissions help is the guidelines after you have been accepted in the various college that you had applied and this is mostly guidance to save time and stress of moving from one place to another. You can be able to apply for more than one course but this will depend on the skills that you do have education wise.

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