Application Essays for Cambridge University: The Facts to Know

The effort one puts to compose the PS for admission in any university is worthwhile in many aspects. Therefore, it is always recommended to make this attempt once you’re sure to do full justice to this task. The Cambridge Personal Statement is one of those admission applications that are checked by highly experienced and brilliant individuals. The Personal statement for University of Cambridge is written by focussing on some important elements. Such components need to be followed properly.

Here is some statistical and factual based info that you need to know about PS for this university.

  • The length of Cambridge University personal statement is comprised of 200 words. This word count can be exceeded but not more than 100 words.
  • The applicants who belong to numerous countries of the world prefer to apply for any desired program of this university. However, the natives get some extra privileges and ease to get into this institution.
  • There is 21% of the acceptance rate as per the figures recorded in the year 2015.

The Admission Requirements: Test, Essay Cambridge and Interview etc

Admission at one of the best universities like Cambridge is not so easy to get. It requires a lot of effort and many applicants try their luck several times to make way for this institution. Here are some important requirements that you need to know before collecting documents and to enter into the application process.

  • The test conducted by the university has set a certain score for the success. However, the other admission tests conducted by government-based organizations can also be taken as per the acceptance by the university.
  • Write a personal statement that must be full of interesting information. For instance, things that would grab more attention of the admission committee are major achievements and career objectives.
  • The transcripts of admission are also important to submit for the completion of this process.

The application is quite important in terms of getting direct acceptance from the selectors. In short, the entire procedure of application can’t be completed without it.

The Essay Structure Cambridge: Follow Every Step for the Ideal Execution

The structure of Cambridge admission essays is not so distinctive as compared to the personal statements of other universities. You need to follow these steps while composing the essay for the institution.

  • Write the overview related to who you are. In actual, your overall introduction with some addition of the educational background must also be included.
  • The purpose to prefer the respective university is important to include in it.
  • Work on writing a concise conclusion based on personal certifications, professional experience, and extracurricular activities.

Always follow this structure when you begin to work on the personal statement for the Cambridge University.

tips on essay structure cambridge

Tips for Writing an Ideal Cambridge University Essay

There are various ways to write a quintessential admission essay for the Cambridge University. You need to follow these suggestions to turn the writing process into a triumphant experience.

  • Whether it is a Cambridge scholarly essay or the admission application, you are supposed to write it brief.
  • The use of numerous punctuation symbols is definitely not acceptable other than the full stop, comma and colon.
  • Whatever you write must be fact-based and true info. The use of false information can result in direct rejection. So, beware of it.
  • The actual word count of personal statement is from 200 to 300 words. You need to avoid exceeding this limit.

Simply, Ignore These Things

Always remember that you have to avoid such things while writing personal statement for Cambridge.

  • Not keeping the original copies of submitted papers.
  • Choosing a common format for getting your PS done.
  • Not getting help from the admission essays written for other universities i.e. Oxford Personal Statement.

things to avoid in essay cambridge

Essay Topics for Cambridge

  • Impact of Co-Education
  • Reading or Writing: What improves learning?
  • How to overcome the social pressure that stops from seeking education?
  • Why do we rely upon home remedies to cure different diseases?
  • Women Empowerment in 2018
  • Role of society to stop bribery
  • Ways to alleviate insomnia

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