A personal essay is a paper that should reflect the writer’s thoughts and opinions about a particular topic. It should have samples taken from the personal life of the author which can support the paper’s main idea. Usually, personal essays use “I” most of the time but for some writers, this type of writing task is a bit challenging especially when they can’t put their thoughts into words. Fortunately, a application essay sample can be found online which can be used as a guide to writing one’s own essay.

Tips from a Personal Essay Sample

  • Know the topic. If you’re given a topic, make sure that you do your research.
  • Stay focused. Avoid jumping from one point to the next because it will confuse your readers.
  • Add examples. If you have a personal experience that is relevant to the topic, don’t be afraid to include it in your paper.
  • Be direct. When looking at a sample personal essay, you’ll find that most are short and straight to the point.
  • Stay interesting. A good personal essay is not only informative but should also be an interesting read.

Help with Writing a Personal Essay

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