Preparing for a common admission test (CAT) is not always easy. After all, with so many things on your checklist, it’s often hard to know where to make a start. This year, a few changes have been made to the common admission test, which can throw admission test preparation out of whack for some students. The test has been increased from 140 minutes to 170, whilst questions for each section have been increased from 30 to 50. So as if you hadn’t already got enough on your plate, it now seems that the common admission test preparation is about to take up even more time! But if you’re looking for an easier way to prepare for your CAT, why not take a look at our helpful guide below on common admission test preparation.

Admission Test Preparation: Focus Your Mind

We’ve prepared a useful college admission advice for you, so go on reading. You can prepare all you want in the weeks and days before your CAT, but your preparation could all be for nothing if your head isn’t in the game on the day of the test.

common admission test preparation

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Focusing for those 170 minutes is fundamental, and if you’re the kind of person who is easily distracted, it’s recommended that you purchase a book to help you out mentally. Chess champion Josh Waitzkin’s The Art Of Learning is a good place to start, as he teaches us how to stay focused in the face of enduring situations, such as tests.

Admission Test Preparation: Review Your Model Examinations

Adequate CAT preparation means taking a few model examinations. These will ease you into the examination process, and will throw up some questions that you may find on the actual CAT.

Now is the time to review your model examinations and take a look at the questions that you got right and wrong. When reviewing the questions you got wrong, attempt to come up with a solution of getting them right next time around.

Common Admission Test Preparation: Plan Your Route To The Location

This is your CAT, and as such it’s important. So rather than wake up in the morning to Google map the location, why not plan ahead?

This includes planning your travel time, unforeseen traffic conditions, as well as the exact location of the building. In this way, you will be reducing the risk of stress on the day of the test, as well as the very real possibility of getting lost!

Common Admission Test Preparation: Know Your Strengths

It is important that you focus on your strengths when preparing for your CAT, but it is also important you don’t neglect your weaknesses.

Uncover them and work on ways of sharpening any areas where you are particularly rusty. If possible, use your strengths to paper over your weaknesses.

Admission Test Preparation: Boost Your Confidence

It is much better to head into an examination filled with confidence. To help you gain some confidence before your CAT, you could take a few tests or look for admission guidance.

Taking a few tests beforehand will sharpen your mind, help ease you into the process, and it will make you comfortable with your surroundings.

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