Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

personal opinion essay sampleIf you really want to cite outside works in a personal opinion essay, make sure they’re from something like a journal. While peer reviewed material might cost money, you can usually find enough of a journal article to cite by looking online or checking in print publications at a library. Instructors have nothing short of an obsession with these texts, and for good reasons too. They provide less biased information than what other people might bring up in a personal essay.

personal essay sampleOf course, you need to remember that this is still a personal opinion essay. These are supposed to be genuine feelings you express, so don’t be afraid to be speak your mind. Articulate your feelings in a personal opinion essay. A personal interest essay is something of a forum, but you have to be smart about what goes into personal opinion essays. Passion expressed in a personal interest essay shouldn’t come off as anger, and you shouldn’t ever turn personal opinion essays into a personal attack on someone else.

Personal Opinion Essay Sample

When people think about endangered species, they usually mean organisms. Few people ever give thought to all of the various cultures and languages that are now endangered. Entire civilizations are being homogenized and forced to conform to the will of outsiders who seek to bring them the same ideals that most people hold around the world. Groups of people are being forced to accept what they see as the moral bankruptcy of foreigners.

Ainu tribes in north Asia have been troubled for centuries now. Most westerners aren’t familiar with their plight, but they’ve been challenged by other nations to abandon their own traditions. What might be considered stranger is the fact that languages like North Frisian are disappearing in Western European states. Areas of the world considered civilized are actually loosing those things that make them civilized, and we need to do more to educate people about what they’re missing.

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