Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

When you’re writing an essay about a person, you’ll want to make sure that you’re sure you’re writing about the correct person. While it might sound crazy, some essay about a person prompts are less personal than others. They’re looking more for an essay about a person who has some sort of fame behind them.

sample essayThese are easier to write than an essay about a person who is close to you, but those in the latter category are actually more fun to finish up. Trying to write an essay about a person who is in your family or circle of friends without being biased is impossible. That’s why it’s simply important to stop trying to eliminate bias when writing the significant influence essay.

Instead, try to make the person of influence essay paper read with as little hyperbole as possible. That way you can still show how important the person in question is to you, but you’ll still be taken seriously.

Admission Essay Sample

Many people have had an influence on me, but there was a teacher I had in fifth grade who really struck me as a unique individual. Some people probably wouldn’t have enjoyed her approach to teaching. Indeed, she was probably one of the most traditional instructors that I ever had the pleasure to work with. She ran a strict classroom, and I felt that was what I needed at the time.

No amount of coddling was actually going to get me to write an outline or finish up a packet. Students usually don’t praise teachers for breathing down their necks. However, that’s exactly what I needed at the time. I made some major changes because she showed me that people actually cared enough about me to want to see me succeed. That’s why I decided to actually get my act together and work hard in each of my classes.

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