In order to substantially contribute to the community that has always supported me, my long-term career goal is to obtain my MBA at XXX University, and work toward becoming the Managing Partner with my employer, XXX. An MBA will enhance my current experience as Wealth Management Advisor with the XXX, and the knowledge and experience that I will inevitably gain through my education at XXX University will further my professional goals. I desire to enroll as a student in the Evening MBA program at XXX, for this program will allow me to continue working within my profession while simultaneously pursuing my academic ambitions.

Throughout my MBA journey, I will utilize my well-cultivated investment industry skills, referring to my own workplace experiences to discuss processes, roadblocks, innovations, and solutions within the classroom. I am excited at the prospect of continuing my professional passion during the day and attending classes during the evening with like-minded students and faculty. The tight correlation between my career and my education will undoubtedly benefit my breadth of knowledge and expertise at both XXX and XXX University.

As a part-time MBA student, I will be able to remain free from education-related debt. Determined to graduate from my undergraduate studies without loans, I held a full-time job during the school year and a part-time job during the summers, for all four years until graduation. Fortunately, my college education was funded through both scholarships and through what I earned during my employment. Thus, I was able to obtain my degree debt-free. Attending XXX College for my generals further helped me to keep tuition and housing expenses at a minimum. I was then able to transfer my credits and pursue my undergraduate degree from the school I desired to graduate from: XXX University.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to achieve this academic milestone at XXX University, as I entered with some personal financial struggles. Working full-time while attending school full-time proved challenging, therefore my grade point average, although strong, is not as strong as some of the other graduates. Despite this setback, throughout my undergraduate experience I learned how to balance the personal, professional, and academic sectors of my life, which has proven invaluable. Still, the transition to the mastery of life balance did take some time, and in the process I was unable to maintain an impeccable grade point average. In hindsight, with my post-undergraduate wisdom and experience, I understand the importance of balance, and I am confident that I will simultaneously succeed at XXX and XXX University. I will work tirelessly to commit myself 100% to both endeavors at the same time.

I am applying for XXX’s Evening MBA program, fully aware that my math grades from my undergraduate career may be of particular concern in your consideration. In order to self-improve and gear myself for the quality of work required at the graduate level, I have been studying closely with a private tutor, and have taken a preparation course for the GMAT. I am doing everything possible to demonstrate my commitment to a strong GMAT score and the skills involved – especially within the quantitative portion of the exam. I am wholly committed to obtain my MBA through XXX successfully and enthusiastically, as I am aware of the enormous advantages to this degree, particularly from the renowned Leavey School of Business. I am diligently committed to this goal, and am excited to continue my academic journey at my Alma Matter.

I intend to approach my graduate studies with the same focus, dedication, and gratitude that I expressed as an undergraduate student at XXX University, in addition to the retrospective wisdom and expertise I have gained. Because I acquired so much academic, professional, and personal value from XXX as an undergraduate student, I am enthusiastic to attend the Evening MBA program through the Leavey School of Business. XXX University is a highly reputable institution that greatly complements my work ethic and facilitates a learning environment with similar professionals that are equally motivated to learn, cultivate new skills, and ultimately give back to their greater communities. I am excited to continue my journey by taking part in this program.

Through developing and rebalancing client portfolios and evaluating circumstances in order to reach investment decisions for individuals with high net worth, I have been challenged to think outside the box and quickly develop strategies that encourage growth. Consequently, I always give 100% professionally and will not settle for less. I am confident that I will thrive in XXX’s Evening MBA Program. After extensive consideration and self-assessment, I approach my application to the XXX University Evening MBA program with optimism and passion, and with an understanding of how to carefully balance and prioritize my academic ambitions with my professional responsibilities. In light of my goal to become the Managing Partner at XXX, I intend to develop strong general management skills. XXX’s finance concentration, in conjunction with the general management education I will acquire as a student in the Leavey Business Program, will broaden my perspective and provide me with the powerful tools I need to build upon these essential professional skills. I believe that my professional experience, paired with my pursuit of an MBA, is the most effective means to learning organizational values and leadership skills. I am excited for the opportunity to participate in and contribute to XXX’s Evening MBA program, and believe that I will be a true asset to my professors and fellow students.

XXX University and the Leavey Business School provide an incredible platform for students to professionally develop via hands-on management theory and the opportunity to network with students and faculty from diverse backgrounds. I would be very grateful for the chance to utilize the extensive network of relationships that XXX has with its alumni and business leaders in the region. This will allow me to expand my tactical XXX perspective to the strategic perspective of a Senior Executive, necessary for managing any company, which is my ambition.

Ultimately, I am completely devoted to my goal of obtaining an MBA from XXX University. I look forward to utilizing this degree and the skills I gain to subsequently achieve my professional goals with XXX. I know where I want to be in five years, and this is the route I plan to take to arrive at my intended professional and academic destinations. I understand the value of strong education; I understand the importance of balance; I understand the hard work that will be required of me during this pursuit. I am ready and excited for the challenge, and am confident that my experience, fervor, and dedication will benefit myself, my peers, my employer, and the University during my MBA undertaking. Thank you for considering me for the prestigious Leavey School of Business.

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