Do You Need Help to Get Your Double Major Place?

double major admissionA double major is when you work towards two full degrees at the same time rather than just one. While this is harder than a single degree a lot of the classes that you take will count towards both degrees meaning that you can often gain that extra degree with as little as just one year of extra work, or less if you are prepared to put in the effort each week.

Dual degree admission as with any other degree course can be difficult. You will be competing against many others for your college or university place and that means that you have to make sure that your application will be able to make you stand out as an exception candidate to win your place. This often means working hard on documents such as your double major personal statement to ensure that it really is the best that it can be, after all often you will find that it is the only part of your application that gives you a real option to stand out.

So if you want to write a really effective University of California San Diego UCSD double major statement of purpose or admissions essay of the National University of Singapore (NUS) you may want to get some professional help. We have been supporting students with their applications for more than 5 years and have a team of highly skilled and experienced staff that know just how to help you. Through us you will be able to submit an application that is truly going to make you stand out from the crowd.

How Can We Help with Your Double Major Admission?

cover letter double majorYour admission documents need to be able to clearly show that you meet the expectations of the university or college program that you are applying to. This means that they cannot just be simply copied or written to some standard template. You will need to carefully tailor each document so that it specifically shows what the program will be looking for.

Our services can help with all parts of your application documentation such as:

  • Double major statement of purpose writing; our experts are able to work directly with you to draw out all of the specific information that will be required to tailor your statement of admissions essay to the specific requirements of the program. They always help you with writing from scratch in a way that will ensure that your writing is attention grabbing. All writing is completed to your specific requirements and we provide you with unlimited revisions should you need any changes.
  • Double major resume writing; another part of your application that requires special attention is your resume. Our experts can help you to write it in an effective way to highlight the specific skills and experiences that the program may be seeking. Our experts will also ensure that your resume format and layout draws immediate attention to the information that you need them to see.
  • Cover letter double major writing; a good covering letter for your application will often provide you with an additional opportunity to draw attention to your personal strengths and show why you are an ideal candidate. Our experts work with you to ensure that your covering letter will get you noticed and strengthen your application.
  • Letter of recommendation writing; whether you are writing your own letter or have been asked to write for someone, our experts can support you with a well written letter that will show off the applicant in the right light. Our specialists know the correct tone to use as well as the areas that the committee will be looking to see covered within your letter.
  • Editing and proofreading help; no matter what document you are submitting you need to ensure that it will be totally error free and well written. Poorly written documents are going to be ineffective in getting you noticed and errors are simply going to get you overlooked. Our editors and proofreaders are fully certified and able to provide you with that final polish that you work needs prior to submission.

Selecting the Right Double Major to Apply to

double major resumeNot every university or college will allow you to work towards a joint degree. Some will give you a single degree with both majors specified while others will award two degrees. The rules will also differ as to what you will be able to study and how different units will be allowed to count towards the degrees that you want. So always do your homework on the different universities that you are applying to so that you will not be disappointed. Our experts are able to help you to ensure that your chosen university will be able to deliver what you are looking for.

The Benefits of Working with Our Services for Double Major Admissions

If you want to get accepted then working with us is often your best way forward. We offer support through some of the best qualified and highly experienced experts in your field of application to ensure the best results. Our editing and writing support will help you to:

  • Submit your application on time
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Help you to identify issues with your writing and correct them
  • Get your writing noticed
  • Gain an edge over your competition

All of our help comes with a full range of guarantees so that you can be sure that there will be no issues with your submission. Through us you will get the advantage of:

  • Guaranteed original work with a free plagiarism report
  • Guaranteed error free writing with free proofreading on all of our services
  • Guaranteed confidential support at a very affordable price
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our double major help or your money back
  • Guaranteed delivery on time within your deadline

Contact our experts here today to get affordable and reliable help that you can trust to make your double major admission a success!

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