Getting into MIT is not easy. The selection process for undergraduates is rigorous. One of the best ways of getting into this institution is writing a good MIT admission essay. Writing a college application essay can be hard if you do not know the right approach. The aim of this guide is to take you step by step in crafting the best college application essay that you can.

Step No. 1: Brain Storming

Starting is the hardest part of writing an effective college admission essay.

The best way to begin writing yours is to do some brainstorming.

  • Think of a theme for your essay.
  • Make sure that you have a main topic first then create smaller segments that will support your main message. Write as much as you can.
  • Make a list and put an X or a star next to the information that you think will be a great addition to your essay.
  • Write all the things that comes into your mind that will be important or related to your college application.

Step No. 2: Free Writing

The next step in writing your MIT admission essay is to write free flowingly. Organize your thoughts and keep in mind where to put an example, a related experience or an anecdote. Free your mind of worries over grammar or spelling. Just let your creative juices flow and write what you think should be great i your essay. Put into paper all your innermost thoughts. Do not edit and revise just yet. Editing and revising will be the last step you will take.

Step No. 3: Essay Structure

Make it a point that you organize your essay in a way that you have three main sections.

  • Your MIT admission essay should have an introduction, content or body and a closing section.
  • In the introduction, your statements should be compelling. You can start with a relevant story, quote or an anecdote.
  • Be sure to write your introduction in a way that it will not only get the attention of the reader but also hold it until your essay ends.
  • The content should be relevant and focused on a central theme. Highlight your achievements and qualities in this segment of your MIT admission essay.
  • The closing segment should be memorable and summarize the message that you want to convey in your essay.

Step No. 4: Edit and Revise

To polish your college application essay, you need to to edit, edit and edit some more. Before you start editing though, you might want to take a break from your essay.

  • Watch a movie, work out a little or go on a short vacation if you have the time.
  • with a ready mindset and maybe even a fresher perspective. With these admission essay tips, you might write one of the best MIT admissions essays.
  • Another good strategy in editing your work is to let other people read your essay.
  • They may find errors that you have missed and also offer an alternate perspective of your personality that you may want to include.
  • Taking a step back from your essay will refresh your mind so that you can go back to your essay

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