Harvard University is well known for their great undergraduate, graduate and special programs that produce leaders in different fields. There is no denying that one can have a chance of having a promising career once you attain a degree in this institution. Writing a Harvard admissions essay is one of the things you need to accomplish to have a chance of getting an interview. It could be daunting to write an essay for an application for this renowned institution. This guide will help you choose the right approach in writing a smashing admission essay for Harvard University.

How to Write a Competitive Admission Essay

Tip No. 1: Write about your perspective on global issues.

When writing about global issues, make sure that you convey the message that you, as a person, can relate to the happenings in the world.

  • Instead of elaborating the effects of the economic crisis for the entire nation, describe its effect to you or the people around you and how you or they coped with the times. By doing so, you can highlight your qualities and, at the same time, show that you are well aware of the times.
  • Your essay should also reflect your interaction with the world around you and how you face challenges.
  • This aspect should be in Harvard admission essays.

Tip No.2: Your essay should present you as a person with perspective.

Never pretend to have insight on things that you do not have any experience with.

  • Making up or exagerating stories is never a good idea.
  • Instead of fabricating tear jerkings accounts, take some time to reflect and draw inspiration from the real things that happened, are happening and may happen to you.
  • Think of things that became turning points in your life.
  • It shouldn’t be really dramatic.
  • Your Harvard admissions essay should be genuine in terms of life experiences. Our admissions essay sample shows main points to be considered. The important thing is that your entries will show more of your individuality and reflect your qualities.

Tip No. 3: The Make or Break of Details

Entries in your admission essay should be as detailed but not too wordy. Of course you need to watch out not to have a very long essay but you need to take in consideration the level of detail of your work.

  • Once you have captured the admission officers’ attention, you need to keep them interested. Entries that are vague will just bore the readers of your essay.
  • A good Harvard admission essay should elaborate every relevant point.
  • Having balance between details and number of words will also show how good you are in writing and would be a big plus to your application.

Tip No. 4: Do your homework.

If you are applying to anything, may it be a job or a slot in an educational program, you need to research on the company or the institution that you are aiming at.

  • Application officers will know that you are really interested with them if you took the time to know them better before you jump in for an application.
  • Indicate that you have chosen their institution because you believe that their philosophies, methods and reputation fits your needs as a student.
  • not fail to include all this in your UF admission essay.

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