Dear XXX,

Enclosed, please find XXX’s community of hope for autistic individuals. The dream is constructing a community for those on the autism spectrum that are capable of caring for themselves. XXX’s founder, XXX XXX, a father of an autistic child, dreams of a home for his XXX and others like XXX. Rather than living their lives as interlopers, XXXhas developed the concept that will eliminate the feeling of not belonging. That dream is XXX.

XXX has designed a community that will cover at least XXX; currently, the plans also include a gated retirement community. Additionally, plans include an athletic facility and open access parks for all residents. Allowing the children that suffer from XXX the opportunity for playing baseball, soccer and other sports is an important part of XXXX’s comprehensive planning.

XXX has helped families and sufferers of autism with financial needs. Furthermore, as indicated by our prior years’ spending, XXX strives for using 80% of donated funds for the families in need. Beyond that, the latest campaign for raising funds for XXX will allow XXX the ability for helping sufferers and caregivers alike.

Imagine a community that is designed for catering to the needs of the self-sufficient XXXpatient. Never again will a loved one be faced with deciding how to avoid social repercussions because their child is ‘different.’

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