Our services offer general or specialized writing application personal statement work.

Application Personal Statement

The application personal statement required of each school can vary quite a bit. In fact, the application personal statement between departments in the same school might have very different requirements. Understanding what your college or university of choice would like is the first step in creating an application personal statement.

General College/University Application Personal Statement

It is important to write the general college application personal statement in a way that makes your work stand out because institutions often only accept so many new students per semester, and then no more. That means that when all else is equal, and the review committee needs a way to narrow selections down or determine between your application and another, they may turn to the personal statement to help them make their decision. The application personal statement offers insight into your personal goals and desires, and can help a review committee gain a good feel for your potential fit.

Specialized College/University Application Personal Statement

When you are hoping to gain admittance into a more specialized program of study, our services can help with that as well. With years of successful similar writing behind us, each of our writers is well versed in helping you formulate a personal statement, including for schools that have a very selective admissions process.

There are many types of programs that we have confidently helped others write application personal statement work for including the following:

  • Residency Application Personal Statement
  • Law School Application Personal Statement
  • College Application Personal Statement
  • Nursing Application Personal Statement
  • Graduate Application Personal Statement
  • Dental Application Personal Statement
  • Medical School Application Personal Statement

Personal statement admissions work is not limited to these programs of study, but they are the most common. Our writers are equipped and experienced to handle these and more.

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