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There is no easy answer to the problems which plague our modern society. The world is a complex place with a diverse and intricate web of people, cultures, and languages spanning across it, and we must understand this fact when we approach a solution. To help build society up towards its full potential it will take a global effort, and I have resolved to lead a life as part of that effort. The career path I have found that will take me towards this goal is a career in Healthcare Policy and Law.

My professional career started in banking in 2010 when I began work as a teller at the Bank. With sincere dedication to my work I excelled here and moved up the ranks quickly. I was soon promoted to fraud analyst in the debit card department, and later in the online fraud detection and resolution department. I had a job that involved protecting people, at least in some way, from identity theft, and I found my service to be enjoyable, but not entirely fulfilling. At the same time as I was working, I spent my nights working on my BS in Criminal Justice Administration. I was instilled with a passion to advocate against wrongful injustice, but I didn’t know how to fulfill this passion. It was in my senior year of my studies that I found the way.

For our senior thesis we were allowed to write on a topic of our choice. I chose to take a close look at healthcare in America’s institutions, specifically jails and prisons. My research sparked a whole new passionate interest in the complexities of the healthcare industry, and the changes that need to be made within our nation’s institutions so that prisoners have as much access to healthcare as the rest of us. This thesis helped me develop my core interests in costs for basic care, deficiencies in mental health assessments, and the rehabilitation process in jails and prisons. These topics and many others are now the topics which enthrall me and keep me pressing onwards.

After completing my BS and returning from the Middle East, I was offered a position in healthcare administration as a Client Contract Administrator. Despite nine years of dedication to the banking industry, I had to take this opportunity that could put me on a course towards my ultimate career goal. I have since been in this position for six months, and haven’t looked back.

Now that I am immersed in my chosen career, the next step is to fulfill my knowledge in the field, and solidify my passion for wanting to make a difference in the complex world of healthcare administration. With a comprehensive education from your prestigious university, I will be equipped to have a great impact in my field. It will prepare me to excel professionally, as I seek out job prospects in contract management, healthcare compliance, and human resources. I hope you will give me this opportunity to join your Company’s talented student body, and take the next step in my hopefully impactful career.

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