We are living in a globalized world and the competition for good jobs is getting tougher every year. Getting a graduate degree is now fast becoming an essential part of your resume if you want career growth. To get into a graduate school and continue your studies, you need to write a compelling graduate school admission essay. If you are looking for the best secrets of writing a great admission essay, read on and be well informed.

Secrets in writing superb graduate school admission essays:

Secret No. 1: Create a proper structure for your essay.

graduate school admission essaysMake sure that your essay has three important main sections which are the introduction, the content and the closing segments. The introduction segment should be interesting so that you can reel in the admission officer’s attention right off the bat. You can include in your graduate school admission essay an anecdote that is relevant to your theme. You can also start by sharing an experience that had a big impact to your personality and reason for continuing your studies. The closing segment should wrap everything up but still follows the main theme of the essay.

Secret No. 2: Never bore the reader.

grad school admission essayMake your essay as interesting as possible. Include a life-changing event that you have experienced. If you do not have an interesting experience before, try to write about an inspiring story about a person you know and how did that person’s undertaking inspired you to be a better person. Keep in mind that the stories that you will include in your grad school admissions essay are factual and avoid any kind of exaggeration. Keep it real.

Secret No. 3: Show instead of just telling.

concise admission essayRemember that you are painting a picture of yourself when you are writing an admission essay. Make sure that you create a fluid and vivid picture. Do not just say that you are a hard working person. Write about an experience where your qualities as a hard worker is shown. If you want to say that you are a punctual person, write in your graduate school admissions essay how you always make a point to be early of any kind of appointment and that you value other people’s time as well.

Secret No. 4: Write a concise admission essay.

mit admission essayKeep in mind that application officers read a lot of admission essays. They do not want to waste time on essays that are too wordy and have irrelevant statements. Make it a point to describe yourself and your qualities in a few hundred words only. You are not writing a term paper. Make sure that you do not include redundant statement. Be straightforward but do not neglect to add a little flair in your graduate school admissions essay.

Secret No. 5: Edit, edit and edit some more!

grad school admission essay writingLike a machine, your MIT admission essay should be finely tuned. The best writers commit mistakes and it is almost impossible to get everything perfect at the very first try. If you are confident in your writing skills, you still need to edit and revise if possible just to be sure.

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