Less than 12% of all Business School applicants are admitted to the best schools. As nearly all business school applicants possess similar undergraduate GPA’s and GMAT scores, the admission process is extremely competitive. To assure that you are the best candidate for their school, the admission committee must review more than your grades and test scores; the perfect Business School Admissions Essay accomplishes this task quite well!

By considering your essay another interview, you will understand just how crucial it is to craft the perfect document. The essay, unlike the personal interview, allows you the chance to strategize exactly how you want to present yourself. By taking the time to think through every point and consider each word, your essay can make the difference between gaining entry into your dream school or not!

With the perfect Business School Admissions Essay, any admissions committee member will have an understanding of how you have been affected by personal experiences. Taking this opportunity to highlight your accomplishments and explain any shortcomings is an essential goal of the admission essay. By choosing your words carefully, painting yourself as the perfect candidate, your chances of gaining acceptance into business school are increased.

It is essential that you not just re-list your scholastic accomplishments or other pertinent activities — the application does this quite effectively. The goal of the Business School Admission Essay is to describe how your accomplishments have helped to mold you into the perfect candidate for the school of your choice. Painting this picture is the best character reference you can provide the admissions committee.

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