college admissions essay writing serviceOnly 10% of applicants are accepted to the top universities and colleges. Even if you have an exceptional GPA or SAT scores, the fact is that other applicants will likely match or surpass your qualifications. The best way to set yourself ahead of similar candidates at the school of your choice is with an outstanding, unique College Admissions Essay. By allowing the admissions committee a peek into your world, they can see that you have a lot to offer their college and the potential to be a top student. A well-written essay can convince the admissions committee that you are worthy of one of those very limited spots.

Why is College Admissions Essay Important?

Because each college and university receives thousands of applications each year, granting personal interviews is highly unlikely. As such, it is essential that you take the opportunity to introduce yourself as the ideal candidate for their school in your College Admissions Essay. It is essential that you convey to the admissions committee who you are, not just a listing of your accomplishments. An effective College Admissions Essay will leave the admissions committee with no doubt as to your qualifications; outlining how you were affected by life as experienced by you.

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best college admissions essayThe perfect essay will serve as your introduction or as a supplement should you be granted an interview. Separate yourself from the scores of other applicants with similar scores and backgrounds.By expanding on your strong points and providing explanations for any shortcomings, you will become more than a compilation of grades and scores to the admissions committee. We can craft a memorable essay with the goal of making you stand out from the crowd and significantly increase your chance for admission.

Whether you choose admissions essay to write your essay or to edit an essay you’ve written, we can help you stand out from the crowd!

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