Engineering, Education, Sciences, Social Services and Humanities, Health, any specialization at your services. Admissions committees want to see more than just numbers when you apply to graduate school; the Graduate School Admissions Essay allows the committee members to determine whether you will contribute to their program and be a positive addition to the unique mix of personalities. The perfect way to indicate that you have an interesting blend of experience and aptitudes is with a colorful Admissions Essay.

Creating a complete picture of yourself, highlighting areas that are not covered on the application, is the goal of an admissions essay or personal statement. While your GPA and GRE are tangible scores that can be quantified easily, introducing your intellectual criticism, attention to detail and ability to cope and work with opposing ideas is a valuable service provided by a succinct essay.

Less than 20% of applicants to graduate school are accepted.


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Your personal statement or admissions essay is a certain way to distinguish yourself from other qualified applicants. This is your best chance to outline your accomplishments and potential to the admission committee. In an increasingly competitive environment, you need an outstanding essay to get into the best graduate schools.

How to Make a Perfect Graduate School Admissions Essay

With so many applicants to graduate schools, it is quite possible that the Graduate School Admissions Essay will serve as your interview; in an ideal situation, the essay will be the perfect adjunct to a face-to-face interview. Used as an introduction, the perfect essay will provide a strong, unique first impression!

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