As most law school applicants possess similar GPA’s and LSAT scores, the application process is extremely competitive. As such, admission committees take the Personal Statement or Law School Admissions Essay very seriously. This is your opportunity to assure the committee members that you are the successful candidate their law school is looking to admit.

Less than 11% of all qualified applicants are admitted to the top law schools.

The Law School Admissions Essay or Personal Statement assists both you and the admission committee. As a critical portion of your application, it is crucial that your document clearly states why you deserve to be accepted over other worthy candidates. Taking the opportunity to highlight your successes and explain any shortcomings, you will be providing the admissions committee a view of you as more than a compilation of grades or test scores.

Highlighting your life as experienced by you is essential! Never merely list your accomplishments or travel destinations, the committee wants to know how you have been affected by each experience. What makes you a unique and worthy candidate? Introducing yourself as a highly qualified individual is the application’s job; expanding on you as a person is the purpose of the Law School Admission Essay. Taking the time to write, re-write and carefully choose every word is essential to the creation of an effective essay.

With so many applicants to law school each year, your Law School Admissions Essay or Personal Statement might well be your only chance to explain your experiences, accomplishments, potential and goals. You must distinguish yourself from the thousands of other applicants! Often, presenting the perfectly crafted essay could make the difference as to whether you are accepted into the school of your dreams or not.

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