Less than 7% of the highly qualified applicants are accepted to medical school. With most applicants having similar GPA’s and MCAT scores, the arena for qualified candidates is extremely crowded. As the application process is more than numbers, the Medical School Admissions Essay is critical in that it allows the admissions committee to evaluate you readiness for their rigorous program. By introducing yourself, your accomplishments and potential, the committee gains valuable insight into you as a person.

If you are granted a personal interview, the Medical School Admissions Essay or Personal Statement serves as an introduction prior to that critical meeting. In cases where you cannot interview personally, the essay serves as your interview. Often, the Medical School Admissions Essay or Personal Statement is the only chance an applicant may have to enunciate accomplishments and potential as a medical student and doctor.

Your Medical School Application Essay or Personal Statement is often your best chance to distinguish yourself from the other highly qualified applicants. As an adjunct to a personal interview, the essay, properly written will touch on points that may not be conveyed during the interview process. While crafting the perfect essay, you can strategize how you want to present yourself to the admissions committee. By allowing Admissions Essay to help create your Medical School Admissions Essay, your document can actually serve as a separate interview!

Admissions Essay’s expert writers can craft the perfect Medical School Admission Essay for you! Our goal is to help you gain acceptance to the medical school of your choice by painting a unique individual with amazing potential that will greatly benefit any medical school’s daunting program. Alternatively, we can review and suggest edits to an essay that you’ve written, assuring that your essay is everything it should be!

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