Getting into the University of Florida can be tough if you are not prepared. The proper preparation can affect your UF application as much as your qualifications. One of the important requirements that you need to prepare is a UF admission essay. An admission essay is a vital document for your application because it can describe aspects your personality and achievements that may not appear in your resume. Admission essays also give you the chance to add a personal touch to your application. In this guide, you will learn some tips and tricks on how to write a great admission essay.

Use words that you generally use.

When you are writing your admission essay, the tone of your writings should be like writing a letter to a friend.

  • Avoid using ‘Big Words’ like ‘myriad,’ ‘ersatz,’ and ‘assiduous’ when writing a UF application essay. By doing so, admission officers may think that you are a pretentious applicant that only wants to impress using empty words.
  • Do not forget to be yourself and present yourself as a person who is honest and true. By using terms that you are not really familiar with, you may be asked about what you these, words, topics or ideas that you do not really know.
  • You will only end up looking like a fool if you cannot answer.

Write an interesting essay. Avoid boring the reader.

Keep in mind that application officers of universities read hundreds of application essays.

  • So that they can cover as many applicants as possible, they often set aside ‘generic’ essay.
  • You need to make sure that your essay is interesting.
  • You could always start your essay with an anecdote or a short story to capture the attention and interest of an application officer.
  • Be sure that your University of Florida admissions essay should still be relevant and can still picture you as a good candidate while still being creative and entertaining.

Elaborate the relevant information.

Saying that you have a certain quality, skill or knowledge is not enough to make you look like a great applicant. A better approach is to share and experience then mentions the qualities that you have gained and/or improved during that time. Never just say “I am a team player.” You can write about the time you took part in organizing a school blood drive. If you were a cartoonist during high school, you write in your UGA admissions essay about that experience and how you improved your creativity.

Keep your essay concise but meaningful.

Make sure that every word in your admission essay counts.

  • When writing an application essay, you need to keep in mind that you will present yourself as a great candidate by utilizing a few hundred words only.
  • There is no room for flowery words and irrelevant statement.
  • Be concise. Avoid wordiness by creating a rough outline first then think of the entries that will be creating impact.
  • You must prioritize the information that you will include in your UF admissions essay.
  • Make sure to use proper language and grammar to avoid unnecessary words.

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