The college essay is often the part of the college admission process that students dread the most. At first, it’s a case of “Yay! I’m applying for college! P*A*R*T*Y!” But then it’s more like, “Um … did someone say college admission essay?” Sad face. Life over. But here is the thing: Although the college admission essay can be daunting and time-consuming, there is college admission essay help right here that can help you draft the best darn college essay in the world! Or close enough. Let’s take a look at some helpful essay tips to make sure you get the best chance of getting into the college of your dreams.

College Admission Essay Help: Just Be Yourself

Too many students worry about trying to meet a certain, specific criteria when applying for college. The truth, though, is that there is no certain, specific criteria. Instead, admissions teams just want you to be yourself!

If you’re funny, don’t hold yourself back; write a funny essay!

If you’ve got super communication skills, show them off!

Don’t waste time thinking about what the college wants from you, but show them exactly what makes you you!

Admission Essay Help: Loosen Up

Okay, yes, college essays are essays per say. But they’re a different kind of essay. They’re not supposed to be all serious like academic essays. Instead, you’re allowed to have some fun with it.

Don’t be afraid to include amusing anecdotes in your essay, and definitely don’t make it your mission to write the most boring, serious and academic essay since Einstein.

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Admission Essay Help: Don’t Be Too Ambitious

If you’re writing about who has inspired you the most, try not to go so over the top that you write about your mom, your dad, your best friend, your high school teacher, the President, that dude you met once at the park who rescued your kite for you, your pet cat, your sister’s pet cat, your pet cat’s kittens and so on and so on.

This is too much.

Instead, keep your essay simple. This means less stress, and it will ensure a tighter, more interesting essay.

College Admission Essay Help: Choose A Topic That Means Something To You

Don’t worry what the admissions team might think; if a topic means something to you, write about it.

Too many students are afraid that their topics are a bit too inappropriate for an essay because they’re too sentimental, but this is just not true. Admissions teams prefer it that you write about something you care about, as opposed to something you clearly had never even heard of until an hour before you started writing!

Admission Essay Help: Have A Thesis

We said that you should loosen up when writing your college essay and have some fun, but it’s important that your essay still has a thesis and sound structure.

A thesis is what gives the essay direction, and without it you’re basically rambling. So coin a clear thesis and make sure that your essay has a good introduction, a strong middle and a solid conclusion.

College Admission Essay Help: Proofread!

If you need our college admission advice we suggest you proofreading your essay before handing in it. We cannot stress this enough. Nothing says to an admissions team that you have stitched your essay together with Sellotape the night before quite like a wealth of spelling errors.

Do not forget about a common admission test preparation, to make sure you’re 100% ready.

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