If you’re ready to apply to college, this can be both the most exciting and daunting time in your life so far. After all, college is often said to be the greatest period in a young persons life, yet the worry of not actually being accepted is enough to ensure that you go through several sleepless nights! That’s why you should ask for college admission help when necessary. Besides finishing their SATs, one of the biggest problems a student faces is knowing exactly what the college wants from them. We asked some of the country’s top colleges to find out what they want from their students, and have put together a helpful college admission guide just for you. Because we’re nice like that!

College Admission Guide: Be Curious

Colleges and Universities around the U.S. (and indeed around the world) expect their students to have a modicum of intellectual and academic curiosity. Rather than shrug and say, “Whatever”, they want their students to always ask “Why?”

College is a place where the greatest minds excel, where problems are solved, and where missing gaps in knowledge are exposed. For this reason, colleges want only students who have a thirst for finding out on board. After all, you’re going to be changing the world, right?

University Admission Guide: Use Your Personal Statement To Shine

Your personal statement should be seen as your workhorse; aside from your grades, it’s a great chance for you to shine and show the University why you should be chosen above the rest.

Universities admissions teams are looking to see your personality in your personal statement. They want to see a unique individual who will bring something worthwhile to the University, and who is worthy of a place in their classroom.

What they don’t want to see is a drab, lifeless personal statement that simply backs up everything on your grade sheet.


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College Admission Guide: Don’t Worry About Criteria

When applying for college, it can be way too easy to worry about whether you are going to meet a specific set of criteria. For this reason, you might adjust your essay and personal statement accordingly.

But colleges don’t want you to worry about meeting a criteria. Instead, they want you to focus on you and your achievements. They want to find out about what you have done inside the classroom and outside the classroom, as well as your skills, employment history and responsibilities.

So discard the idea of meeting a specific criteria and focus on who you are and what you bring.

University Admission Guide: Show Your Passion

Universities want to see some passion, energy and some commitment from you. They want to see dedication, responsibility, and a thirst for doing.

Many students accepted into the top schools have all these traits; they have a passion to be committed to something, and they have a willingness to learn and help others learn.

Through your application, you need to show that above all else you care about this and you want this to happen.

College Admission Guide: Challenge Yourself

Colleges also prefer it when you can show that you are prepared to challenge yourself.

This may mean that you have taken on voluntary work, internships, or it may mean that you have been awarded honours, or taken on advanced placements or even dual-enrolment courses.

If you have any questions, our admissions consultants are always ready to help.

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